A Few of My Favorite Things

In the age of Trump and terrorism, curated lifestyles, Pinterest parenting, and 24/7 work availability, I understand the need to exercise as much control over our personal worlds as humanly (or technically) possible. 

Here are just a few little tools (updated for Summer 2017) that help keep my world chugging along somewhat smoothly so I can concentrate on the bigger things:

Google Keep - I'm a huge proponent of the G Suite system, probably just because it has its tentacles into every facet of my life (freelance, side hustling, personal life, family to-dos...). 

Google Keep is a notepad / slash / to-do list that syncs to your Google Drive. It also supports photo notes (I often snap a screen shot of something I want to remember to do or research) and voice notes (perfect for driving!). It's color coded (OCD requirement) and works on my iPhone, the Macbook and the Chromebook. It's accessible anywhere. I keep my blog post ideas, shopping lists, recurring to-dos by day, expected deliveries, etc. Highly recommend.

Asana - Again, my life is split into 3 parts: current work, work in development, everything else (i.e.: IRL). While Keep is a quick capture of what's immediately on my mind, Asana helps me to create projects and then write and assign tasks by date for each project. This also sorts itself into a calendar. Asana is what you want if you are in a partnership or team. I have Asana accounts for each of those three life parts - since I work with different people on each. Asana is a recommended app integration for G Suite - so these two platforms won't fight each other, they work together. You can also integrate your different Asana lists via email notifications. Or create one Asana account and keep your different "teams" walled off from one another via admin permissions. There is also a Chrome extension to allow you to pull to-dos from the internets. 

Closet Dividers - Talk about a simple solve that has a major impact for me... I like to plan out clothes for the upcoming week just to keep my mornings as streamlined as possible. I have 2 sets of 5. One for the five days of the workweek (increasingly easy now that I work from home), then weekend, then all of the other pieces by category (dresses, shirts, pants, skirts). Yeah, yeah - super basic, I know - but anything you can do to save yourself 10 minutes of staring blankly into the closet every morning so that you have  more time to fight with the kids about the fact they hate their breakfast - is a bonus. I take it a notch farther by researching the temps for the week ahead on Sunday and then selecting the subsequent 5 days' outfits (and shoes... and accessories...) accordingly. Because I'm certifiable. 

Roomba - Dear Jeebus, I love my Roomba. Expensive, yes - but worth every. I have two pets, hardwood floors and HAAAAATE vacuuming. It's working right now - humming delightfully in the den. I can control it from my iPhone - it lets me know when it is trapped under that damn Ikea chair (which happens often, sadly). The dog hates it, but the dog is a cause of the problem - so, deal with it Sally. This blessed device saves me a couple of hours a week and my house (for the most part) is always in presentable shape for an impromptu hosted brunch or happy hour, or... drinks.... They make one that mops too. I neeeeeeeed it. Where are those scratch-off lottery tix again?

Like with any tool, your mileage may vary. The best workflow solutions for your personal needs or your organization depend entirely on your objectives, lifestyle, tech specs. If you're looking for recommendations, hit me up.

Yours in OCD,



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