9 to 5 and My Cup of Ambition

"Let's face it, we are in a pink collar ghetto." - Lily Tomlin, 9 to 5


Your'e a sexist, hypocritical, lyiing, egotiscal bigot. 

Goodbye bossman, It's quittin' time.

This movie imprinted what work was to me - at age 5 - when I had the 45" of Dolly Parton's glorious single. I blame the "Girls Night" showing of this moving at Alamo Drafthouse for kicking me in the ass. 

Margaret, Doralee, Judy, and of course... Violet - Goddamnit she is me. And my mom. My heroines.

Hey let's use some sports analogies!

Hey let's give you some goddamn personal things to do. Like make dinner reservations for me and my mistress and drive down to the dealership and make my car payment (by check - this was THE 90S people...)

What's so sad and amazing to me is that so little has changed since 1980 - 19 f*cking 80 - that would be 37 years ago. I WAS FIVE. I'm not even traditonally "cute," and I've had my boobs honked, been propositioned, received a "date" corsage, gotten a proposal of marriage from a married man, squirmed out of an unsolicited massage or 10 , been complimented on my butt (which is pretty awesome, BTW)... I can't imagine what it's like to be young and hot. God bless you, ladies, I have your backs.

37 years later and the same shit is still going on in the average, American workplace.

  • Men are still running things – 7 in 10 senior executives are white men (Fortune)
  • Flextime, while on the uptick (thanks, millennials) is still not the norm – with only 57% of employers offering it (Bernard Health)
  • In-house daycare centers, f*cking get serious – a paltry 4-8% offer this perk (The Outline)
  • And of course, those pervasive attitudes – women as den mother, secretary, server, coffee maker/fetcher and just plain “less than…” is the order of the day (NY Times)

But hey, if you want foosball tables – most companies have you covered!

It’s still 1980 for the vast majority of us, and it sucks. The only way we’ll ever change things is to start our own businesses, to patronize woman-owned or woman-allied businesses, to only work for people who share our values and genuinely want to see us advance.

I know this is easier said than done. I need a paycheck too, and I most certainly have put in time working for dudes who treated me as “less than.” So blog about it, write an honest review on Glassdoor, make some space for yourself with a side hustle, join a local BossBabes group, mentor and protect the people coming up in your place of work, or stand up and walk out (or in my case, get pushed out) of a bad situation. And, by all means, watch 9 to 5 with your crew of fellow boss babes. Laugh and get mad – and get to work!




"I expect to be treated equally. With a little dignity. And a little respect."