OCD Gets Dressed

My casual, thrown-together look is actually pretty well thought out. This isn't entirely in the interest of fashion, but more so in the interest of time and having one less thing to stress out about in the morning when I'm attempting to get four people out the door. I have a system, getting all of my outfits for the following week together every Sunday evening. This is my weekly "me time" ritual that typically involves a glass or two of red and some girly Netflix programming I couldn't otherwise watch in the presence of my spouse (The Devil Wears Prada is a particular favorite - #sorrynotsorry).

Mine Pinterest + Fashion Blogs - I've been a style geek since I could talk (chalk it up to having a fashion designer mom who went to FIT), so occasionally combing through Pinterest and my favorite blogs is an enjoyable time suck for me. I clean out the closet twice annually and either sell back to ThredUp or take pieces to Goodwill, but there are some items I'll never get rid of - the investment pieces I paid for before I had to pay for daycare. Sadly I just don't have the time for Vogue these days unless I'm in the pedi chair. To make things easier, I follow my favorite style bloggers on Pinterest, so that their pinned looks come up in my feed. I pin the OOTDs that I like to my "Covetous and Beauteous" board. "C+B" is a board dedicated to full looks, or styling ideas - if I'm pinning individual items to consider for later purchase, I have a secret board for that...


Weather Forecast - It's August. It's Texas. It's basically going to be 95-105 every single day and I get that. I also don't wear anything above the knee or above the elbow because I have a serious case of body dysmorphic disorder and I like to keep all this jelly contained (this is for the greater good, mind you - you're welcome). However, when we are in the rare month where temps can fluctuate, I go through the weekly forecast and add the projected highs/lows and rain percentage to my trusty Moleskine planner in the lower right corner. It's good info to have regardless. Plus I can consult my planner as I'm pulling daily outfits to make sure I'm covered in case of some freak "Day After Tomorrow" incident where it might possibly be below 72 degrees outside and warrant some sorely missed layering opportunities.

Check My Calendar - Even more important than dressing appropriately for the weather is dressing for what I have on the schedule that day. Client meetings or happy hours call for maybe slightly more effort than the usual denim and sneakers vibe. I take plans into account when I'm getting everything set up for the week to come. It's also a good opportunity to just step back and take a holistic look at what is on deck in the subsequent days - helps to calm the Sunday night bad juju and get me in a good headspace for GOT.

Closet Organization - Pulling outfits for the week is easier because of the way I have my closet set up. It's a u-shaped closet with a pocket door. When I walk in, my week's selections are right in front of me - I have dividers with the day written on each. That's where that day's look will go after I figure it out. Dresses are to the right of the dividers - since that section only has one bar and I have some long dresses (again, going for full burqua to hide the sausage thighs). The right hand side is all mine - shirts on top, bottoms on...well...the bottom. Shirts arranged left to right: tank tops, short-sleeved knits, long-sleeved knits, wovens, pullover sweaters, cardigans. Bottoms: jeans, pants, skirts. Within these categories, each item is organized by color - light to dark from left to right. Sounds like a pain in the ass - but you only have to set up your system once and keep up with it as you put new/clean/recently worn clothes away. 


Pull the Week + One Spare - I'm a girl on a budget, so I shop my closet. I have some go-to combos that I can grab immediately and file by the right day. When I want to play, I'll pull a few pieces I haven't worn in a while, some funky items, a couple of basics, and play mix and match on the bed. I'll gather each day's look together and place outfits in that divider section. I also add a super basic, foolproof option (black trapeze knit dress and leopard gladiators, for example) and file in front of the Monday in case I'm not feeling it on a certain day and need to make a last-minute substitution. I line up shoes under each day's outfit - on a shelf below. 

Mise en Place - Add accessories and (if you're feeling ambitious), your selected underpinnings in velvet drawstring pouches. Hang the pouches over the hangers. I like my stack of purple Crown Royal bags (thanks for the tip, Nina Garcia). This way, I have every single item for the day all in one place.

Another time saver: I pull outfits for each child the night before school and leave it all out on their special "tomorrow" hooks in their bedrooms. No one is safe from my OCD. I let the older boy consult with me on his selections - although I usually have to overrule his choice in sweatpants. Not everything is genetic, I guess.

Go forth and make it fun.