15 Reasons to Fix Your Flow

Organizing is the process by which we design systems and environments that enable us to work, live, and create exactly as we want to. When we are in a state of flow, our offices, schedules, and tasks reflect and support our vision.



How do you know if you need to fix your flow?

  • You just started your own business, as a freelancer or small studio

  • You were just tasked with forming an in-house creative "agency" within your enterprise

  • A company downsize or merger means your remaining employees inherited the workloads of others

  • Your business is currently undergoing a major growth spurt

  • Your team’s roles and responsibilities are vague - resulting in tasks falling through the cracks because “it’s not my job”

  • You receive over 100 emails/IMs/VMs/memos a day, and feel pressured to instantly respond to each as they come in

  • You feel frustrated from constant interruptions in your workday

  • You work in a deadline-driven business

  • You work in a version-intensive business

  • You are unable to quickly identify the profit margin on a particular client or project

  • You work for a global business or with international clients - operating 24 hours a day

  • Your company just moved from private offices to an open plan arrangement

  • Company partners or team leads have conflicting opinions regarding the value of a systematic workflow process

  • Each member on your team organizes their tasks and operates in a completely different way than the others

  • Your team disregards or works around your current system

Forge & Flow is a unique consultancy designed to determine and implement the best possible workflow system for your creative agency or in-house team. We dig deep into your pain points and business objectives, and come to you with a solution that will be easy to implement and will run seamlessly in the background, allowing your team to do what you do best - make epic sh*t. We can even train your employees and check in to ensure that all is running smoothly. Whether you have a staff of 1 or 51, the right workflow system is the foundation to solid, lasting growth and profitability.

Contact us for a no-commitment workflow diagnostic.